A few months ago, I sat down to reconnect with Chris Bangs over coffee. It'd been just over a year since I'd last seen him, shouldering his skis at the side of the road on Thompson Pass, above Valdez, Alaska...that was after spending 10 rather chilly days together, MacGyvering my '73 #VW bus over 3,000 miles north along the #ALCAN Highway.
This time around we enjoyed familiar surroundings back in #Livingston #Montana and excitedly swapped our stories of what happened since. Quickly, the creative energy flowed into brainstorming...Chris had countless hours of footage and a rough cut teaser to share, but wanted to tell more of the story than the usual self-promoted POV-Rad-Shot sequence.
As usual, I found his epic tale fascinating and wanted onboard the project - I seriously admire how this guy plays outside of the box and developed his own unique brand of adventure long before anyone began promoting their #HumanPowered endeavors.
He handed me nearly 2 Terabytes of raw #GoPro footage and said, "Go for it." We collaborated remotely, morphed the idea several times, spent a couple of weeks in the think tank together, and I hit the road, editing through the heat of summer in the back of said VW between paragliding lessons, always finding inspiration in this wild man's spirit.
I hope that you too are inspired by Chris's imagination and will to commit. Kick back, enjoy, get stoked for winter, share it with your friends, hopefully laugh out loud, but don't take it too lightly - this guy's been chasing adversity far and wide for a long time, continuously testing himself...year after year, mile after mile.

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